Bloodstepp-Remixed and Chainsawed-2012-NOiR

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Title of Album:Remixed And Chainsawed
Year of Release:2012
Total Time:1 hour, 7 minutes and 46 seconds
Bitrate:235 Kbps
Total Size:116.44 MB

#Song TitleArtistTime
02This is FireBloodstepp4:44
03Dead Bitch In The Trunk (feat. Doomsday Productions) (No Seat Belt Remix)Bloodstepp4:45
04Fuck You Up (feat. KidCrusher) (Addams Family Remix)Bloodstepp3:19
05Putcha Hands Up (feat. Skatterman) (Juggalo Gangsta Remix)Bloodstepp5:07
06Time To Eat (feat. Liquid Assassin) (The Main Course Remix)Bloodstepp3:53
07The Chainsaw Underworld (Chopped by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp3:59
08Break The Devils Neck (feat. Nutkaze) (Chopped And Screwed By DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp3:11
09Hater Killer (The Juggalobot) (Chopped by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp4:30
10Dead Bitch In The Trunk (feat. Doomsday Productions) (Chopped And Screwed By DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp6:07
11I’m Swaggin’ It (Chopped By DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp3:50
12Fuck You Up (feat. KidCrusher) (Chopped And Screwed by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp4:03
13Get Blown Up With The Pump (Chopped And Screwed By DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp5:42
14Putcha Hands Up (feat. Skatterman) (Chopped And Screwed by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp4:39
15Family Intermission (Chopped And Screwed by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp5:05
16Time To Eat (feat. Liquid Assassin) (Chopped And Screwed by DJ Mad Hatter)Bloodstepp4:36

Release: Bloodstepp-Remixed_and_Chainsawed-2012-NOiR

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